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"The Three Stooges" Video Review

"80 years on & the hits keep coming" in this hilarious re-boot for millennium audiences. Video review brought to you in association with For more videos visit the Pick of the Flicks YouTube Channel

"1980s Teen Comedies"

Hollywood Teen Movies takes a sneak peak at some of the most outrageous comedies about teenagers that have ever been made. Join us now for this celebration video of "1980s Teen Comedy Movies". All of these films & many more are featured in the new book: "Hollywood Teen Movies 80 From The 80s". This video & many others are Now Playing at the Hollywood Teen Movies YouTube Channel

"1980s Teen Sex Comedies"

Hollywood Teen Movies presents a sneak peak at some of the 1980s Teen Sex Comedies featured in the new book "Hollywood Teen Movies 80 From The 80s - The Good, The Bad & The Forgotten". This Exclusive video is Now Showing on this site (play button below) and on the YouTube Channel. As Spicoli from "Fast Times" would say..."Hey Bud, Let's Party!"


For all your favorite teen stars & teen movies visit the site



Website: Hollywood Teen Movies

Site Description: With over 10 extraordinary years online "Hollywood Teen Movies" has firmly established itself as the #1 teen movie website on the planet! Visit the site or check out their exciting website video below featuring 70 fantastic years of teen movie memories in ony a few short minutes....

Website: Pick of the Flicks

Site Description: Kick back with author/film critic Tony Pichaloff as he takes a look at the best & worst in film 365 days of the year. Full of film reviews & exclusive videos the site also features critiques on the latest releases, retro favorites and out right classics!


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